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Baby and Mothercare Products

For the safest and best Mother Care and Baby Care experience…

With changing times, Moms and Parents across the world are busier and more active. Phoenix has committed to ensuring that all Parents and Moms receive the highest quality Mother and Baby Care products to make parenting easier and safer. Our Baby Wipes and Sanitizing Wipes make cleaning easy and sanitary to enhance Good Health. Confidently travel with your Baby as long as you have LittleHugs Baby Wipes from Phoenix Healthcare.

Working Moms can feed their babies with precious, nutrient-rich mother’s breast milk, when they utilize our MamaTouch Breast Pump. Simply express breast milk throughout the day and store safely for feeding your baby later. As long as Moms have Phoenix Mother and Baby Care Products with them, they do not have to choose between giving your precious baby her most nutritious Breast Milk or just any powdered milk. Our LittleHugs Baby Bottle Warmer by Phoenix Healthcare makes it very easy to warm your collected breast milk before use for your baby. Cleaning your Baby with our Little Hugs Baby Wipes makes the job shorter and easier, especially after a long and busy day or night. For a woman’s intimate and vaginal cleanliness, using our FreshV Intimate Wipes by Phoenix Healthcare keeps women feeling hygienic and fresh. Use on the go, while traveling, at work or just anywhere clean water and towels are not available. Have a Pet and little babies or children? No Problem. Keep your Baby and your Pet healthy and clean. Use PrettyPaws Pet Wipes by Phoenix Healthcare Solutions, LLC. All our Product Ranges are carefully designed to work together for families across the world.

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  • R&D, and Design & Development departments are skilled in customized safe formulations and convenient packaging options
  • FDA, CE, and ISO rules and regulations are followed for medical devices and wet wipes in our manufacturing facility
  • OEM, ODM & Private Label is available with your own Brand Name and personalized logo
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