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HydraSkin Facial Wipes

manufactured by Phoenix Healthcare Solutions, LLC.

Long day at work? Travel by a crowded bus, train, air or car in summer’s hot weather or rain? Participate in sports or outdoor activities? Or returning home from a long day outside?
NO PROBLEM. Instantly Refresh, Clean & Protect your skin with HydraSkin Facial Wipes manufactured by Phoenix Healthcare Solutions, LLC.
Since you may not easily find clean water and soap, we have made it convenient for you to carry our HydraSkin Facial Wipes to use anywhere and at any time. Easy to carry in your pocket or purse, containing a safe formulation without Ammonia, Phosphates, Sulphates or Phthalates and a biodegradable wipe to safely dispose of in a mere moment.
In addition to cleaning, refreshing and moisturizing your skin, HydraSkin Facial Wipes offer specific fragranced formulations. Relax and Calm your mind with Lavender, Energize with Lemon, De-stress with Mint and Aloe, and Awaken with Rose. Additional custom formulations available for Private Label.

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HydraSkin Facial Wipes manufactured by Phoenix Healthcare Solutions, LLC. are the highest quality of wipes you can find in the market today due to the following features:

  • Plant-based ingredients in a fast acting solution for instant use
  • Ammonia free, phosphate free, sulphate free, phthalate free formulas
  • Biodegradable wipes in multi-layered, airtight packing with foil wrapper in an untouched form
  • R&D department skilled in customized formulations
  • FDA, CE, and ISO rules and regulations are followed for wet wipe manufacturing at Phoenix Healthcare Solutions, LLC.
  • OEM, ODM, Private Label manufacturing is available with your personalized brand logo
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