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Cleaning Wipes

All Wipes are NOT the same.

Specialized Ingredients and Formulations Help Clean and Maintain your Home, Office, Cars, Medical Facilities, Restaurants, Hotels, and More.

  • Screen and Electronic Wipes Helps Remove Dust, Grease, Dirt From Computers, Laptops, TV, Electronics, Cameras, Smart Phones, Eye Glasses, Monitors, Screens, and more.
  • Leather Conditioning Wipes protect leather goods from drying, cracking, and deterioration from UV rays.
  • Stainless Steel Wipes Maintains a Shine and Protects from Smudges, Grease Build-up, Grime, Fingerprints, etc.
  • Glass Wipes prevent smears, scratches, or deterioration of Glass.
  • Sanitizing Alcohol Wipes sanitize and disinfect Surfaces and Hands from Germs.
  • Alcohol-Free Multipurpose Sanitizing Wipes to sanitize WITHOUT using Alcohol.

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  • Plant-based ingredients in fast acting solution for instant use
  • Ammonia free, phosphate free, sulphate free, phthalate free formulas
  • Biodegradable wipes in a sealed canister, with snap-seal top and customised wipes options
  • R and D department skilled in customized products and formulations
  • FDA, CE, and ISO rules and regulations are followed for wet wipes in manufacturing facilities
  • OEM, ODM & Private Label is available with your own Brand Name and personalized logo
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